#oisellefullhalf challenge – week (2) 3!

Week 2 was a little derailed by rain and illness, so I’ve had to regroup, but still sticking with it!


day 5 – April 12 – hot hot run right after work, but I felt decent.

I was hoping to squeeze in miles with Stephanie that Thursday, and when I got off work, the thunder and storms rolled in. We opted for burgers and beers in the safety of inside instead.


day 6 – April 18 – this run was monumental for me. April 18 is the 6 month anniversary of some pretty serious trauma I experienced, to the point that I was crippled by anxiety and unable to consistently run for the fall. This run was just pure joy. I enjoyed the breeze, pups walking their owners, and felt like I was light and free – no panic in sight. Beyond grateful for the timing of that run.


day 7 – April 19 – got a later start than I wanted, which meant the end of my run was spent dodging gnat clouds (but not before swallowing a few – YUCK) I also spent the majority of the run daydreaming about Mellow Mushroom’s pretzels, so when I finally finished, swung by to pick up an order and barged in sweaty to a friend’s house, and we feasted and watched part of the GREAT Pride and Prejudice.

not pictured – amazing mellow darth vader

day 8 – April 20 – ran the same route as the day before, but tried for consistent splits by feel, and NAILED IT.

#oisellefullhalf day 8

day 9 – April 23 – living the treadmill dream in Pennsylvania, since there is a distinct lack of sidewalks/safe running distances outside. So I had a good last run at the Y 🙂

Looking forward to this upcoming week finishing the challenge STRONG! Are you doing the full half challenge?

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