Friday Five – April 22

1. Heading to Amish country this weekend because my mom is getting married! Looking forward to the festivities, food, and slight drop in humidity, as well as family time with mom, sister, and new extended family.
2. Crushing hard on this Sesame Ginger Quinoa Salad: simple to throw together and extremely tasty and fresh!
3. My coworker and I were making our habitual Starbucks trip in Hollywood Studios, and as we headed back to the office, lattes in hand, we hear ominous music blast through the park – a true departure from the great movies soundtrack that was usually playing. As we head back towards the Launch Bay, we see Captain Phasma leading 12 or so stormtroopers in formation and marching them to the middle of the park. It was impressive. The focus!
4. Puppy snuggles – my dear friend M got to bring home her new golden retriever puppy a couple weeks ago, and I have made every opportunity to drop in for pup snuggles.


Can you blame me?

5. Soooo…desperately seeking a 10 mile race before October 4, and I’m considering the Bronx 10-miler…has anyone done this race? Any tips or tricks? My mom was seriously nervous about me running through the Bronx, so anything to assuage her fears?

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2 thoughts on “Friday Five – April 22

  1. Congratulations to your mom! I hope she has a wonderful day!
    Also…that puppy. So adorable.
    Also can I say how jealous I am that you can go to HS for your regular Starbucks kick? I need to figure out how to move to Orlando…

    1. I would LOVE if you lived in Orlando and we could go to Disney Starbucks on the reg 🙂 and thank you!!

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