#oisellefullhalf challenge – week (2) 3!

Week 2 was a little derailed by rain and illness, so I’ve had to regroup, but still sticking with it!


day 5 – April 12 – hot hot run right after work, but I felt decent.

I was hoping to squeeze in miles with Stephanie that Thursday, and when I got off work, the thunder and storms rolled in. We opted for burgers and beers in the safety of inside instead.


day 6 – April 18 – this run was monumental for me. April 18 is the 6 month anniversary of some pretty serious trauma I experienced, to the point that I was crippled by anxiety and unable to consistently run for the fall. This run was just pure joy. I enjoyed the breeze, pups walking their owners, and felt like I was light and free – no panic in sight. Beyond grateful for the timing of that run.


day 7 – April 19 – got a later start than I wanted, which meant the end of my run was spent dodging gnat clouds (but not before swallowing a few – YUCK) I also spent the majority of the run daydreaming about Mellow Mushroom’s pretzels, so when I finally finished, swung by to pick up an order and barged in sweaty to a friend’s house, and we feasted and watched part of the GREAT Pride and Prejudice.

not pictured – amazing mellow darth vader

day 8 – April 20 – ran the same route as the day before, but tried for consistent splits by feel, and NAILED IT.

#oisellefullhalf day 8

day 9 – April 23 – living the treadmill dream in Pennsylvania, since there is a distinct lack of sidewalks/safe running distances outside. So I had a good last run at the Y 🙂

Looking forward to this upcoming week finishing the challenge STRONG! Are you doing the full half challenge?

Friday Five – April 22

1. Heading to Amish country this weekend because my mom is getting married! Looking forward to the festivities, food, and slight drop in humidity, as well as family time with mom, sister, and new extended family.
2. Crushing hard on this Sesame Ginger Quinoa Salad: simple to throw together and extremely tasty and fresh!
3. My coworker and I were making our habitual Starbucks trip in Hollywood Studios, and as we headed back to the office, lattes in hand, we hear ominous music blast through the park – a true departure from the great movies soundtrack that was usually playing. As we head back towards the Launch Bay, we see Captain Phasma leading 12 or so stormtroopers in formation and marching them to the middle of the park. It was impressive. The focus!
4. Puppy snuggles – my dear friend M got to bring home her new golden retriever puppy a couple weeks ago, and I have made every opportunity to drop in for pup snuggles.


Can you blame me?

5. Soooo…desperately seeking a 10 mile race before October 4, and I’m considering the Bronx 10-miler…has anyone done this race? Any tips or tricks? My mom was seriously nervous about me running through the Bronx, so anything to assuage her fears?

#oisellefullhalf challenge: week 1

An extremely long and complicated story short (which I promise to tell in due time), I’ve hardly managed more than a run a month since October. And I was ready to change that.

Oiselle presented a fun “Full Half Challenge” for the month of April in which challengees would commit to something athletic involving the number 13, in honor of the number of miles in a half marathon. My choice? Running 13 5ks in April (not races, but the minimum distance each session) The 13th run will be a 5K on the Bok Tower Gardens grounds, and I’m looking forward to celebrating a challenge completed at one of my favorite Florida gems 🙂

The first full week of this challenge has been encouraging already! I don’t want to admit how sore I was after the first run on Tuesday, but I got back out on Thursday and knocked 3 minutes off my time. In a bout of unseasonably beautiful weather, I knocked off another 3 minutes and enjoyed a strong, confidence-restoring progression run on Saturday. And Sunday, I enjoyed a beautiful run around the huge lake path in my town, and most of my tribe joined the adventure, walking behind me! If you want to join in the fun, I’m posting my progress on Instagram and Strava.

In addition, I’ve started a plank/squat challenge because my strength training has suffered, and I’ve enjoyed the challenge of cranking it out the first thing in the morning when I get out of bed. Popsugar has a great 2 week routine that has challenged me but also has been a perfect push of my strength limits. I am hoping for a strong core to support the running, and the additional benefit of good looking limbs in my dress at my mom’s wedding in a few short weeks.

Are you participating in the #oisellefullhalf challenge? Any recommendations for core and arm workouts?